Man on a Ledge

Pleasure convinced him he didn’t need a body
that those quick seconds of free falling
were better than sex.

*First two lines taken from poem Yes and No by Andrew Frisardi



Chen-ou Liu’s piece was absolutely beautiful. What a pleasure to be alongside wonderful poets. Thank you hedgerow for allowing me to contribute to this issue.

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow. thanks for being here! thrilled to announce that the ‘poetry / art book reviews’ feature of the journal will be launched this coming friday. if you have had work published in hedgerow & you have a book out to shout about, do get in touch. to celebrate i’ll be giving away a signed copy of my book ‘a hundred small poems…’ register your interest by sending a message to — & i shall pick one winner at random. thanks everyone i think this will be fun.

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne

low tide
wandering away
from the world’s sharp edges

Joy Reed MacVane lives on the New Hampshire seacoast and during the summer hides out on an island off the Maine coast.


Chase Gagnon is a student from Detroit, who loves staying up all night drinking coffee and writing…

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Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday to my first little road trip to San Francisco, California with Don Kingfisher Campbell and CalOkie. This photo was taken Saturday, October 20, 2013 right in front of the legendary City Lights Bookstore. It was such a wonderful experience. I can’t believe how short my hair was back then, also how I threw in a thumbs up just because I was super happy.

Prose, Rhythm and Noise: Muliebrity Vol 2

The lovely lady Elmast Kozloyan read one of my poems “Scraped” that is in my debut chapbook Born to Electrify, which is also going to be published in the Like A Girl Anthology by Lucid Moose Lit. I absolutely love how she read it! It’s available to download for free at Dave Williams and MBT Band Camp page, but here is more great news. You can listen to Raundi, JL Martindale, Sarah Thursday, and Elmast perform their original poetry too! They are accompanied by these amazing jazz musicians, so it’s poetry and music.