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Leighton Antelman lead singer of Lydia and I 2013

I’m posting this because I’ve been listening to all their albums lately and I haven’t in about two years. It feels nice playing the CDs on my stereo. I’m enjoying every note and word. Their albums meant so much to me. They kept me going through high school. I’m going to post my favorite song from each of their albums below.

Album: This December; It’s One More and I’m Free
Year: 2005
Song: Always Move Fast

“So I guess I’ll just stay for a while I guess you knew just from how I smiled.
Because there’s no hurry more like fucking nursery or a beautiful trail.
Just remember always move fast.”

Album: Illuminate
Year: 2008
Song: A Fine Evening For A Rouge

“Don’t you ever get lonely?
Yeah, don’t you ever get lonely?
‘Cause it’s no better for me
I still cannot breathe.”

EP: Hotel Sessions
Year: 2009
Song: Her and Haley

“So now it’s obvious I’ve learned, let’s see your bet.
Her favorite place to sit, to forget.
Cause no one watched or would care.”

EP: Assailants
Year: 2010
Song: Assailants

“I can’t seem to kill my assailants, no, no
They’re changing faces
You’re not the world baby, I’ll be fine
Come morning
I will be sleeping it off,
just, just, just like you promised.”

Album: Paint It Golden
Year: 2011
Song: Ghosts

‘Cause when I’m dead and I’m gone
Just burn me up to the sun
I got a couple more hits here
I want nothing but you, dear
Yeah, when I stare at the ceiling
Five o’clock in the morning
I got one thing that’s on my mind
Got so much to do before we die
Yeah if I survive
So live it up kid, live it real good
As you should
We both know the big guns are models
So tell me what keeps you up at night
Keeps you from closing your eyes, yeah
Keeps you alive.”

Album: Acoustics EP
Year: 2012
Song: Skin + Bones

“I thought up words to say
I wrote them down for her sake
Never did she ever complain
Yeah she’s seen my worst days.”

Album: Devil
Year: 2013
Song: Hurry Back Tonight

“Come on come on come on
Here we go again
Come on come on come on
Are you bleeding my bones dry with those bright eyes
So hurry back tonight.”

Album: Devil B Sides Deluxe Edition
Year: 2013
Song: Wish You Well

“Nothing I got to do today, yeah I’m 700 miles away
Oh, I think I’d be okay, (if I) if I saw your face, I saw your face
But with a cloudy world and a cigarette
I wish I really knew what I thought of then
If we were meant for this, (and I’ll) I’ll see you soon kid, see you soon kid, let’s go
This is me, this is me, this is me just wishing you well.”


Jack Daniel’s Gets Expensive When We Drink Too Much

Let’s pretend that you’re mine; mind body and soul.
That we don’t need the liquor in order to get a better feel for each other.
That I’m all you want and you won’t need another
because I’m your only lover.
Yeah let’s pretend you’re satisfied with my body.
With all these scars running down my back spilling off my spine like the sea.
That you sink all the way through my skin, my flesh, my blood, and my bones.
That you gave your whole heart to me without asking anything in return
because you believed in love.
Let’s pretend you believe in love but you don’t.
You’re not mine and we’ll always need the liquor to feel fine.

Previously Published with Bank Heavy-Press Pom Pom Pom Pom Pomeranian November 2011 issue


This was a savory sweet issue. Definitely, take the time to unwind with a warm or cold cup of tea. True delights await for your eyes to read ❤

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with love & kindness…

once again
my yard breathes
violets and clover …
the sea so close
I forget distant galaxies


silver ghosts
dandelion seeds
riding the night wind


long gone –
my old dog’s bark
waking me at dawn

Joy Reed MacVane lives on the New Hampshire seacoast and hides out in the summer on an island off the Maine coast.

Lotus openingLotus opening

Alexis Rotella is a well known poet of Japanese forms in English who has been writing since the early 80’s. In the spring of this year, Red Moon Press published her latest book of haiku called BETWEEN WAVES. As a digital artist, Alexis is…

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Coloring, Coffee, Conversation, and Community

Ideal for ages 16+ come on and join Chet Holifield Library in Montebello, CA for some stress relief, unwinding, and community.

Host of the evening will be Cristian Alcantara

The Internet is buzzing with talk of coloring books for adults. Find out what it’s all about on July 20, Monday, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Chet Holifield Library. This will be the first ever adult coloring party in Montebello.

Adults all over are discovering that coloring helps them relieve the tension of stress, unwind, and unplug. Whatever the reason these intricately drawn adult coloring books are on the rise and adult coloring is receiving lots of media coverage.

You’ll meet interesting and creative people and share tips, tricks, and techniques for breathing life into designs with color. No matter your experience level, what medium you prefer, or what type of coloring books you enjoy the most, join us!

We welcome first timers and the more experienced colorists.

Free sample sheets, the use of various colored pens and pencils, as well…

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enjoyed Stacey Crawford Murphy’s piece 🙂
Thank you hedgerow for including me in issue #36

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

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with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne

founder / editor

first summer
fawn belly deep
in brook water


as we wave goodbye
a heron overhead
disappears into the distance

Joyce Joslin Lorenson lives in Rhode Island, U.S.A., grew up on a dairy farm and records the daily happenings in nature around her rural home.



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