The Comic Book Invasion at Commerce, and Why it Should Spread Across the Rest of the Eastside

by Julissa Villatoro
Montebello Friends of the Library, Board Member & Publicist

Under the guises of their alter egos– Doctor Who, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, the Mad Hatter, a band of Storm Troopers, and a host of other characters– library advocates and volunteers united at the debut of Commerce own comic book convention at the public library. The “Comic Book Invasion” offered a roster of panels and creative workshops, including Comic Book 101, Teen Literature, the Zine Workshop, and the El Santo series panel.  All part of their collective mission to explore comics and the sanctions of popular culture they inspire.

As a young college graduate looking for more community events near home, I was drawn to the idea of a convention much closer to home than in the greater L.A. area.  In my experience attending to a couple as a guest, conventions were big festivals where it didn’t matter which…

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