Born to Electrify

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Born to Electrify is available at and at Half Off Books Whittier, CA.

In “Born to Electrify”, Raquel Reyes-Lopez shows us a brave woman, honestly and confidently sharing pain and beauty in a matter-of-fact way. Even when the truth is hidden between angels and hummingbirds, eyelashes, life and death, it is there. With no apologies. The poems in “Born to Electrify” make me wish I knew Raquel better. They make me wish I could have hugged her during the sad times and celebrated during the happy ones. Raquel has, as in the last lines of “Mujer de Hielo Autopsia” state: “a line of poetry/ sequenced/ into her/ DNA.”

–Tobi Cogswell Co-Publisher, San Pedro River Review

And electrify she does. These poems are a socket to play one’s fingers across, from the wattage of a first kiss to the mega-voltage of a passion-quake to the jolt of loss, the blown fuse of emotions, the current that runs through family—delivered with stunning creative edginess and without an off switch.
                                                                                                                    —Ricki Mandeville, Author A Thin Strand of Lights

Raquel Reyes-Lopez’s Born to Electrify certainly lives up to its name.  Her poems are electric eels and chain lightening woven into winter scarves that you just want to wrap yourself in.  And should you ever find your heart slowing to a dead stop, they could be depended on to jolt that weary muscle back to working strength.  There is crackling power here–just as Edison gave the light bulb, Raquel gives us all a necessary gift that glows and hums with her debut chapbook, Born to Electrify.

–Eric Morago, Author What We Ache For

“Raquel Reyes-Lopez uses fragile imagery like eyelashes and hummingbirds to discuss issues of being a woman — love, motherhood, miscarriage. But these are not fragile poems, they are strong and brave words. Reyes-Lopez is a powerful new voice in SoCal poetry.”

–G. Murray Thomas, Author My Kidney Just Arrived


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