Poetry Super Highway’s 2015 Summer Contest


It is such a pleasure to find out that my poem “The Draft of Messiah” tied for sixth place with two other poets for Poetry Super Highway’s 2015 Summer Contest. Very exciting! Thank you to the judges who took the time to read all 635 poems and score them. Congrats to the top ten!


The Valley Poets Reading: A Celebration of Latino Writers

I will be featuring Saturday, October 24, 2015 at The dA Center in Pomona, CA at 7 p.m. alongside Marco Vasquez and Madeline Newman Rios. This event will be hosted by Elder Zamora and John Brantinham. I will be reading poems from my chapbook, “Born To Electrify”, and some new poems as well. I hope to see some of you there. I haven’t featured in awhile, so I’m excited! It’s always such a pleasure and honor to be asked to read at a venue. There will be an open-mic as well. Come & share. I’d love to hear you all read.

Shadows vs. The Sun

Bird hates me. I am a poet.
He says, “I don’t speak
an ass lick of truth.”

“Settle down.” I tell him
and pass the flask
of cheap whiskey.

Bird starts to laugh
and takes a chug
of my liquor.

He believes I am hope-
less. He pitched an idea
for my chapbook.

He suggested I wrap
my poetry around
empty toilet paper rolls.

“It’s going to be given shit
anyways. So why not?” he said.
I stayed quiet after that.

Now, I try to reach the Sun.
Yet, I am still a prisoner,
and Bird died this morning.


Previously published in San Gabriel Poetry Quarterly

Latino Voices: Rio Hondo College

Latino Voices: Rio Hondo College Poetry Reading led By Mariano Zaro, 1 p.m. on October 6, 2015. Thank you to everyone who read. Everyone did fantastic. It was a pleasure and an honor to read alongside you all. I had so much fun. It’s nice to be an active member of the Creative Writing Club again at my college. Now we just need our creative writing club shirts!


Mariano Zaro opening by reading three of his poems in English then in Spanish from his book.
Daniel following Mariano Zaro. He did an excellent job!
Rebeca reading her poem.
Rebeca reading her poem. She was wonderful.
I enjoyed both of her poems.
I enjoyed both of her poems.
Emiliano orale.
Emiliano orale.
Oh hey, look it's me.
Oh hey, look it’s me.
Professor Theresa Freije closing out wonderfully. I loved her Butterflies poem. She is darling!
Professor Theresa Freije closing out wonderfully. I loved her Butterflies poem. She is darling!
Group picture!
Group picture!

Moon Pixel’s Features for September


Eric Morago: is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet who believes performance carries as much importance on the page, as it does off. He is the author of What We Ache For (Moon Tide Press, 2010) and Here for the Friction (Orange Ocean Press, 2012). Currently he teaches for Red Hen Press’ Writing in the Schools Program, is an associate reviewer for Poetix, and serves as a poetry editor for FreezeRay. Eric has an M.F.A in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach, and lives in Los Angeles.

ericmorago.com or facebook.com/EricMoragoPoetry


remSleep: is an indierock/folk two piece band straight outta Los Angeles CA. With influences such as Bright Eyes, The Vaccines, and 80’s dance punk music the duo create dancy, uplifting, storytelling music. Tranquil sounds to a poppy catchy tune is what you hear from this local band, followed by sweeping bass riffs suttle to the ear all done by (Andrew Parra), outstanding structured lyric format in which Ish Guerrero(singer/guitar) composes and writes. Ish says he loves word meaning much more than anything else and really focuses on what he speaks rather than just making normal generic tune

remSleep Facebook

This event is FREE and open to all ages. Come on and join us for another month of Moon Pixel on September 25, 2015. We welcome everyone to sign-up and perform…poets, musicians (acoustic only), story-tellers, magicians, or comedians. Sign up sheet goes up no later than 6:30 P.M. We start the magic at 7:00 – 7:15 P.M.

Memo Poems (1)

There’s a pull coming
from somewhere in
outer space.

I don’t know where
it comes from.

All I know is I feel it
every time I wake up.

The mole on
my lover’s forehead
lets me know
I don’t belong

I want to build
a rocket ship out
of the mattress.

All I need is the rubies
from the nightstand,
and maybe some blue
sapphires too, but

Pluto’s heart
is capturing everyone’s
attention right now,
and the news says
there could be room
for me in Mars.


Letters for Eternity

We write as to believe
that God himself will read
our words out loud
to his angel legions.
Command them to memorize
our sonnets, odes, and prose.

We hope that they will sing
our lines for eternity
on cotton kissed clouds,
glancing down upon us
ignoring our existence,
yet making our creations

So we move our hands like gypsies,
magicians, clowns,
with the sole purpose to entertain,
and hypnotize our crowd
with desire that by the end of the night
someone will give their soul
to poetry.

Previously Published in River’s Voice 14